Our newest …and more to come in 2017!

Some products that we didn’t have last year. These are really inexpensive sewing helpers of various sorts, except for the needlecases which are made here in the shop.

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cover-motifsWe’re proud to announce the release of the re-done version of the Well-Dressed Workbasket #4, Pincushions! 

This includes a pamphlet with a little history, instructions for making 4 varieties of pincushions (Pin-Pillow, Strawberry, “Plotz” and Biscornu, and suggestions for fillings and materials, plus full-size sewing patterns for these and 4 pages of embroidery patterns to decorate with, not counting many embroidery patterns scattered through the text.

The related kits are SK 27&28, which are of the two larger biscornu from the pamphlet.

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New! Pincushion Fillings! – We have pre-packaged garnet sand, emery, mixed maple sawdust and beach sand, and my personal favorite filling of ground dried cedar fronds, mixed sawdust and sand!

$3.00             pincushion – emery powder per oz
$6.00             pincushion – garnet sand per oz
$2.00             pincushion – sand/sawdust 5 oz.
$3.00             pincushion – cedar/sand/sawdust 6 oz.

We can also add a 3 inch bag of beach sand FREE with any order from our site! …and see the upcoming WDW#4 Pincushions (December ’16) for how to use this wonderful stuff!

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New! Thread Winders! 
$3.00 – Thread winder, white shell


needle & thread dividerPage created 11/3/13 (C)M. Bartlett

Last Updated 8/4/17


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