Products and Projects 10-17-17

I started (and thought I finished) a post on 6/6/17 and then on 8/5/17! Apparently, I didn’t, so bear with me. Lots o’ stuff!

As always over the summer I just have to put my head down and  survive the rush until fall. A lot of stitching has happened, but mostly on the pincushions since the samples for WDW#9 & #12 that are also going to be on pin things.

Some fun new projects have happened and 2 new patterns released (the related ones to WDW#4!). A bunch of prizes and gifties got made (I mostly did the blackwork and other fabric parts….) and a shirt and a kneeler panel are in the works.

…and I’m working, slowly, on jumble pages from Bassee. I finally made up my mind that I’ll release them this way and then gradually set them up as a book of some kind. #1 is done and released. #2 is due out this week. …and this year’s Christmas Kit will be released on 11/1! It’s a new version of the jingle spools!

Also in early October, several pages in the gallery got massively updated.


Gifts & Prizes

Happy Stitching!


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More Projects 5-15-17

I always have more projects going than I have time to write about but I figured I’d do a new post specifically because of a site that I found on Pinterest. I followed a stitch definition out to the site and here:

It’s a stitch dictionary! Being that you can look things up directly and the photos are good it actually outdoes Mary Thomas’ Dictionary!

…and some project pix….

…and more motifs for the Embroidery Throws set are accumulating in the files!

Happy Stitching!


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Craziness 5-5-17

It has been a looney several months since my last post! Not a lot has changed, although I’m no longer Alpine Scholar as of the end of February. I managed to pass on that office to HL Seamus O’Cailleach… and I’m sure that I spelled that very badly…

These were the favors that I stitched up. Two for the entrants and the 3rd was my “gauntlet” from Investiture, that I added some wording to.

I’ve been steadily making progress on the Bassee and Mamluk-era patterns. I’ve also worked out a spangled coif pattern that I’m gathering materials for.

Two students have been showing me their work and progress.

Of course, I’m continuing to stitch pincushions. I found a stash of sample fabrics with brocade motifs to do up another batch. These are just a few of the pincushions in various states of creations.

I was hoping to get another pattern card set done and some kits this spring along with re-sets of WDW’s to bring out new editions. Catching up the stuff left undone during the 15 months of the Alpine Scholar bit ate most of the time I had available!

This is a great set of samplers done by my Laurel, Arlys o Gordon as a giftie for the shop.

I’m going to keep working on it over the summer. I seem to have carved out a specific time of the week to work on Mab’s projects, so it won’t be the usual desert!

This is the blackwork display and class at Corvaria’s All Fools Revel. The 2nd half of the class will be at June Investiture.

So now I dive into updates on this blog….


Happy Stitching!

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Working on Projects – 1-29-17

Paragraph motif tinymagiahousemouse17-1It’s been a busy winter, so far. Mostly I’ve been working on pincushions as far as embroidery goes, although I’m about to start making some favors for the entrants of the Principality of the Summits Arts and Sciences Championship.

motif 2I’m still working on a kit that I’m *trying* to get finished for that weekend, but I’m not holding my breath that it will happen.

We have a lot of the misformatted Pattern Card Set #1 for sale. Those are going for $5 each. New sets are coming through at around $8, so this is a good buy! There’s nothing wrong with the patterns and info, but they couldn’t be cut down to 3×5 because of the way they printed, so they’re 4 1/4 x 5 1/2…..

motif flower sq001 halfMy biggest project is trying to get a new card set or three out there and to reprint Pattern Card Sets 3 & 4. My file cabinet has gotten buried in the recent move and that’s slowing that project down, so captureI’ve been setting up designs for Pattern Card Set on the Jane Bostocke Sampler, Nicholas Bassee’s Modelbuch from 1568 and some Mamluk era patterns. Those should be sets 25, 26 and 27…if I’m remembering my numbering right.

…and Spoonflower prints. I’m trying to get 25 of the not-for-sale prints together to do a sampler and then I’ll have that many for sale!

So, some pincushion pix….

Embroidered (yes, double-running work) Some pictures are duplicated between this and the next section

Calicos and prints (pinpillows)

A scissor bob (scissor keeper) & a same-fabrics pincushion

Some in-process pix


plate-56b mamluk30-borders-wide mamluk20 mamluk02longwc egenolf-border10 egenolf-border04-doub plate-82c-doub plate-73adoub

Happy Stitching!


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Sewing Tools – 12-27-16

magiahousemouse17-1motif sewing Pin tomatoI lucked into a way to get some basic sewing tools, inexpensively. Some of them we’re making ourselves…or rather finishing….so’s to keep the costs down, but this new batch…. They’re not the high-quality tools that I *prefer*, but they work and they give folks with limited funds another option.

Wooden nee

Wooden nee

One of the tools that we make is our wooden needlecases that are dyed, sanded and then varnished. We finish them with a dab of cotton wool in the bottom, so that your needles don’t get dull. Some of the tops fit rather loosely and if you don’t want a loose one, the easy fix is a tiny ball of beeswax to make it stick together. (We also sell beeswax…) …and Loren is working on more bone needles and fids!

I haven’t been idle, even with the holidays. Various of the projects are progressing. Pincushions are still going and I’m experimenting with making a pear for myself. So far I’ve ended up with an apple and a lemon. 🙂

…and scissor bobs, since WDW#3 is all on Scissor Keepers and I had given away all of my samples…

I’ll be attending the Myrtleholt Hogmanay this coming weekend and teaching the 2nd half of the blackwork class that I did at their ARC tournament. Later in January I’ll be at Adiantum’s Mid-Winter Feast and have a display up of blackwork and spoons and balls and pincushions and do impromptu workshops for whoever is interested.

Happy Stitching!

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Well-Dressed Workbasket 12-14-16

magiahousemouse17-1120916-wdewWDW#4 – Pincushions is out! I got it printed in time for Summits Winter Investiture. I also made a happy discovery about WDW#2 – Making a Scroll Sampler. It turned out that the 3rd edition (revised) was within a couple of hours of editing time. I did that and it was re-published for the same day!

120316-plotz12There is a set of pages that go along with WDW#4 (working on #2) There are some examples of what I’m doing and step-by-step and process pix for each of the 4 types of pincushions included in the pamphlet. I’m retroactively working on more pages for each of the pamphlets as I find pictures or can make new ones.

...and more. Am I obsessed? :-)

…and more. Am I obsessed? 🙂

The associated kits for WDW#4 will likely come out in the spring and now that WDW#2 is re-printed, I’ll start making up some more of those.

I’ve also gotten a long way on both the Bassee and the Mamluk era patterns, so I’m hoping for a couple of new pattern card sets, soon!

Happy Stitching!


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News through 11-15-16

magiahousemouse17-1star-099I was concentrating so hard on Well-Dressed Workbasket#4’s re-write that I completely forgot that I hadn’t done the monthly post! The mundane weirdness that’s been eating most of my time is nearly done, thankfully, and that means my life will get back to just normally crazy. 🙂

My classes all went well and I’m looking forward to seeing some of the students again at Hogmany or Winter Investiture. (At ARC 10/1/16)

100116-arcSo, the text and formatting for WDW#4 is done! The cover still needs to be finished, but probably will be tonight. The patterns and the jumble sheet are in rough draft form, still needing tweaking. So, I’ve set the publication date for Summits Winter Investiture, aka December 10, 2016! Cost will be $8 per pamphlet.

Pre-orders are 10% off and always get some kind of a goodie with them and you can order by commenting here (nobody sees those unless I approve them), or nabbing me on Facebook (MaryAnne Anja Bues Bartlett) or by the e-mail that is currently working

So I can get back to finishing WDW#4, I’m going to dump in a gallery of recent pictures.

Happy Stitching!


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