Mab’s Creations Product Line

At the current time, most of the products that I have been producing since 1992 are being reviewed and re-vamped! As stock sells out they are being replaced with newer editions. Many have already been through a number of editions (Pattern Card Set #1!).

Having been at this for a couple of decades now, I’ve learned a *lot* more since the earliest incarnations of these products. When I find a mistake, I fix it.

I’m also constantly looking at new projects and kits. There are two categories of kits. The classic ones, when I sell out, I replace. The other kits (Yule Kits in particular) are always limited editions, since they are usually inspired by a “find” in materials!

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Pattern Card Sets –

Well-Dressed Workbasket pamphlet series –

Tips and Tricks Trifolds –

Kits –

Game Sets –

Needleworker’s Accessories and Gift Items –

Spoonflower Blackwork Prints (my designs, off-site) –

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